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Glory to God! What a wonderful, Emotional, Blessed day today was, A historic day for us and the wider community! We conducted with the Blessing of our Patriarchate the First Divine Liturgy at our NEW CHURCH. St Savvas performed the greatest miracle for us recently and those who serve him. Against all the odds with the 'devils' & blind followers who in the last 2 years have attacked our Saint trying to Crush His church, community & Flock, our Saint performed the ultimate miracle amongst the already countless miracles verified by doctors (healing stage three & four cancer, tumours, childless couples etc within our community) he brought to us his church for us to purchase, and now we have his permanent church! Gods Will was done & through Gods Grace St Savvas of Kalymnos now has a permanent church in Banksia-Sydney Australia, with 2 halls and many other facilities! The FIRST ever church in the world to be named after our Saint (after his existing church in Kalymnos) . To those who went out of their way & those 'blind followers' of these people who in the last 2 years sent multiple death threats, slandered, attacked, abused myself and my flock & tried to close our Saints then establishing church down, May God & St Savvas Forgive you & know our Saints Church is here for ALL! God is Good!! With the blessings of our Patriarchate & its Hierarchs in Kiev & its Exarchate in Greece, we Welcome you All!

Below Highlights of the First Agiasmo that took place Thursday evening 16/11/16 & todays historic first Divine Liturgy.

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