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The Feast of the Veneration of the Holy Cross and the memory of Saint Savvas the New of Kalymnos at our Celebrating Parish of St Savvas of Kalymnos in Banksia.


With great joy we celebrated on the weekend & yesterday (7/4/2024) the Dormition of our beloved St Savvas of Kalymnos. Exactly 77 years ago, on Sunday the 7th April 1947 our Saint fell asleep.

A great blessing this year we were able to celebrate his Main feast which usually we are not able too as it only happens every 5-6 years because of Lent and the Pascha Cycle.

With splendour our Saints Main feast Was celebrated with His Grace Bishop Iakovos of Melitoupoleos (representing our Archbishop) presiding the Matins, Hierarchical Divine Liturgy, the Veneration of the Holy Cross & Procession of our Saints Icon which was carried by the President of the Kalymnian Association NSW  Mr Michael Melas along with other committee members, offering the Saints Artoklasia, representing the Kalymnian Association of NSW and all its members. A blessing to have the Kalymnian Association with us this year.

With a packed Church, all we're welcomed to a complimentary free Lunch in our Parish Hall to end the days Festivities.



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