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Mr 'Sophronios' (Spiro) Konidaris once again shows his Obsession against our Church & in

Everyone knows our Church established from scratch was established 3 years ago (October 2014) and within that short time we now own our own church named after St Savvas of Kalymnos (the first ever church named after our Saint in the world that is after & next to its existing church and monastery in Greece-& that is FACT and will NEVER change). During these three years everyone also knows the raging war, attacks, abuse, death threats, slander etc etc etc we have received from a certain 'priest' & church in Kogarah & their archdiocese who did everything in their power to shut our church down. This certain 'priest' and others were going around telling people, "there is only ONE church of St Savvas of Kalymnos" that is in Kalymnos not here in Sydney (ha ha ha like no other church can name the Saint???) also that our Holy Stole (Petraheili) which was given to us from the abbess Kypriani on Wed 30th July 2014, where we have video footage & photos of the actual moment it was given to us- apparently to this priest never took place or it was "fake" YET regardless of the footage, photos we have of when it was given, this event and our Holy Stole (Petraheili) is proven as the monastery and official book of the Saint published last year & approved by the Metropolis and Metropolitan has put us in the book & even refers to the Stole which was given to us and also has a photo of it in this official book. No more evidence is needed than that!! Why are we referring to all of this???? How Ironic that apparently on the 7th of December 2017 at the former Nursing Home owned by the Kogarah church (which was at one point in previous years a centre of scandal Archdiocese against the Varvaris family& church committee) which was run privately in Kogarah, is now run and the business has been now bought by the Greek Archdiocese St Basils, and what has this 'priest' named this room converted into a chapel??? Guess??? St Savvas of Kalymnos..... and what else did this 'priest' announce...... he was given a stole (Petraheili) of the Saint from the Abbess.....Deja Vue????? Wow, so i ask them, what happened to the Saint having only one stole (Petraheili)???? So yours is legitimate, yet ours which was published in the official book of the Saint and has performed countless miracles to this day....(see photos attached) is fake ?? I also ask, how is it you have named the chapel after our Saint now????? What happened to only one church of his that is the one in Kalymnos????

I also pose the following questions to them......everyone knows that St Savvas of Kalymnos ONLY wore one piece stoles (Petraheilia), not the two piece types. How is the Stole (Petraheili) this 'priest wearing' two pieces???? Also this is quite a 'modern stole' and quite long as we can see this 'priest' wearing it who is tall.....How is this so when the Saint was extremely short and all his stoles (Petraheilia) that exist like our one are extremley short as he was only 4 ft 11". When this 'priest' was wearing it (as you can see in photo) the stole should of came down above his knees:) No one including myself and priests in Kalymnos have ever attempted to wear one of his stoles, yet this 'priest' so comfortably feels worthy to wear it as he conducts the service of agiasmo........ Look at the Saints photo of his Holy Relic below-he is wearing a one piece stole!!! We also have from Aigina an icon of St Savvas the Sanctified painted by Saint Savvas of Kalymnos own hands, signed by the Saint as you want to dispute this??? Oh maybe you will produce one now too;)

Lastly for a year now and up to recently (12th October 2017) i was called up on various occasions by the previous owner of the nursing home Bobby Davida, to Commune the residents, conduct blessings, and read prayers when someone died BECAUSE NO OTHER priest of the Archdiocese and never did the 'priest' in question of Kogarah go to visit or commune the residents even though it was owned by the Kogarah Church all those years. The so called room-chapel was used as a STOREROOM, there was no altar, no icon screen nothing, it was I who actually placed the first icon of St Savvas of Kalymnos outside the entrance of this room-chapel, and suggested to the owner Bobby Davida to consider fixing up the chapel again.....and use it not as a storeroom but a chapel.

So proud to know because of our church & myself, and with myself placing the First Icon of St Savvas of Kalymnos at the entrance of this room-chapel in Kogarah, it is now been called after St Savvas of Kalymnos. Thanks Guys, please make sure more churches and Chapels are named after St Savvas of Kalymnos- its about time he gets more churches and chapels in his name. We feel very honoured that because of us and our church (the FIRST church named after him in the world) now this new little chapel in the nursing home in Kogarah has popped up, and hopefully many more in Australia and the world will continue to be established. Thanks Guys, Have a great Christmas & keep up the good work!

PS. If you need copies of his Official & Latest book (seen below) remember we are in it:) we can gladly give you many-that is if you don't want to get it straight from the monastery:) who in the past you had threatened and harassed via phone calls to them as we were told by several nuns- and caused fear in the elderly nuns. Very Christian!

+ Fr Savas


St Savvas ALWAYS comes through! Thank you St Savvas. So a certain 'priest' in Kogarah says was given St Savvas own Petraheili recently, and was presenting it to his followers in recent days???? So you were lieing to all your people!!! Well well, how does it feel......... to know that you were not wearing the Saints Petraheili but a Petraxeili NEVER worn by the Saint Either while Alive or Reposed worn on his Relic. This actual Petraxeili you say you were 'given' if that is you actually were 'given' it, was worn by myself personally on many occasions while in Kalymnos and thousands of other priests, as it is a Petraxeili placed on the side of the Saints Relics for ALL visiting priests to use while praying & conducting Paraklisis infront of the Saints relics. Hence why it is a 'new' modern style Petraxeili, which is long and not short (as the Saint only wore short ones being of short stature) also the Saint as everyone knows wore one piece stoles not two piece pictured. It is NOT the Saints Stole nor has he ever worn it. The truth is always revealed and how fast the Saint manifests himself to us!

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