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Another Major Miracle by our Saint & Church!

Another MAJOR miracle for our church by our beloved Saint Savvas. This childs parents were told a few years back by the doctors that he will NEVER walk..... upon being told i passed a message back to the parents after prayer that with faith in our Lord and prayers to our beloved St Savvas of Kalymnos, not only will little Gabriel walk but will even run! Glory to God, Thank you St Savvas, you heard our constant prayers and parakliseis at your church and performed your miracle and as the video shows, little Gabriel on Easter sunday miraculously started walking taking his first steps!!!! Glory to God, thank you St Savvas for yet again another major miracle! This is to date the 23rd miracle recorded and attributed to our Saint taking place in the last two years of our Saints church being established. Along with this let it be noted and we have doctors reports and verifications, we have people with stage 3 & 4 cancer being totally healed, brain tumours & lesions disappearing with our Saint being present, childless couples who were told could not have kids after trying for years remaining pregnant with only the recent couple Spiro & Anastasia Tsagaris of Sans Souci last month after years & years trying & being unsuccessful- after coming and praying to our saint and being crossed with his stole and holy icon-is now pregnant! Thank you Lord, thank you St Savvas of Kalymnos!

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