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First Inaugural Meeting- Executive Committee Elected

Yesterday, with the Blessings of our Archbishop & Synod, we had our First Inaugural Meeting for our newly established Orthodox Church & Community of "St Savvas of Kalymnos" in Sydney. After the Agiasmo- Blessing, Our Office Bearers & executive committee members were elected, (as required by the Constitution) in the presence of one of St Savvas own Holy Petrahili (Stole) which exhumes a heavenly & miraculous fragrance. With a very devoted & strong founding committee, and with the list of members growing in the hundreds- our goals are set and on the path to build his Parish & Church for All Orthodox Christians. The first ever church & community to be built in the world outside Kalymnos- solely named after our Saint. Glory To God!! May St Savvas the Wonderworker of Kalymnos guide and help heal all!

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