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With great joy we would like to convey the following. A member of our Parish just informed us & posted these photos of her daughters MRI scans that she had today 29th August. Her daughter has MS. With devout love and respect that the family have in our Lord and St Savvas, it is evident our Saint is protecting her and looking after her. Just the other week when coming to church and Fr Savvas placing one of the Saints Holy Stole on her head, St Savvas heard all our Prayers and has been with Trish from the start. Looking in the middle of her MRI images, you can clearly see the image of our Saint Savvas of Kalymnos, his face and beard. Just like in 1992 when his Face was seen in a cancer patient tumor scan in Rhodes. To see this again, here amongst us is truly a miracle!!! St Savvas has shown us many miracles but today he showed his image in an MRI once again. There is no doubt he is with Trish. This scan as we were told shows clearly that since her 2006 scans the lesions have decreased. What a miracle!! Lets see what the doctors say this week coming in detail. Thank you Tammy Tsolakis for giving and showing us such great news today, we will make copies for all to see. For the doubters, Tammy Tsolakis has no problem showing them in person the MRI scans and the doctor reports. Glory to God. Thank you St Savvas.

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