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Disgraceful! Actions a Priest should Never Do! Mr (Spiro) Sophronios Konidaris Ridicules & Attem

September 23rd 2016.

Disgraceful! No priest has the right to throw out or ask people to leave out of a funeral service & Gods House because they attend a church they don't recognise! Well done Vicky Roussos & her mother Kaliopi. NO PRIEST has the right to kick you out of church during a funeral service just because you attend a non-archdiocese Church while you are there praying quietly for the deceased you have known for 46 years. Does this priest, throw out muslims, atheists, catholics etc who are present at weddings, baptisms and funerals as guests? Disgusting!!! There is NO EXCUSE! If this priest didn't want confrontation, why then did he come and ask you to both leave during the funeral service, before it even ended trying to ridicule you both? This priest for the last 2 years has openly & systematically attacked our Church & its congregation to the point of harassment & obsession (all this has been documented and recorded and is in the hands of our lawyers), and this incident was further evidence & proof. Good on you for not fearing him. No one is above GOD, and God is LOVE!! Well done for putting it in the newspaper. Gods house and his Church is for ALL!

Fr Sophronios Konidaris

Fr Sophronios Konidaris

This priest in question a few days later in his sermon after a Divine Liturgy tried to fabricate and cover up what happened, saying that he did not demand Vakina to leave, and that she & her mother are the ones who caused fuss and attacked him for no the funeral. Vakina in disgust with his lies has challenged him to release the CCT video footage (as the Church is covered with surveillance in and out), to prove to all that he did indeed stop the service and go down to her and her mother demanding them to leave, but of course no response and of course everyone in funeral saw what happened although many fear to speak. Its simple, did he or didn't he stop the service, walked down to them & demand for them to leave because she was a 'schismatic' (an Orthodox Church his Archdiocese doesn't recognise) as he said on his fb post yet now denies it? The answer is YES ! This was a further attack on our Saint, Church & Congregation. Did this priest ask the other non-orthodox to leave who were there present? Did he ask the Muslim & Hindu who was there to leave from the funeral? Does he ask the catholics, muslims, Buddhists, hindus, atheists who are guests at weddings, baptisms & other services to leave from his church when they are there?? The answer is NO! Below are photos to prove a point. You can see a muslim guest invited at a baptism at Kogarah Church & Buddhist Chinese guests also present at another service there (photos are owned & taken by Cutie Pie Photo Studio). Were these people asked 'nicely' to leave?? NO. Of course they are not a 'schismatic' from our church! Let us also not forget the wedding that went 'viral' (photos courtesy from this site

Did he ask certain guests here who were non-orthodox or disrespectful in Gods House to 'quietly' leave? No, of course not!

Fr Sophronios Konidaris

So from his above fb post, did he or didn't he target her because she in his eyes is a 'schismatic' attending another orthodox church he doesn't recognise?? Did he or didn't he ask her to leave?? From what we have been told since then he has removed totally this review section, where this post could be seen. If he did not want confrontation & a scene he should not of demanded them to leave before the service had even finished.

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