Apostolic Succession & Canonicity of His Eminence Christoforos of Neas Agglias

Canonicity & Apostolic Succession of Bishop Christoforos of Neas Agglias.

The Archdiocese of New England (Neas Agglias) of America & Canada (Former Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria) first established in 1923, was Canonically recognised and accepted & given by His Beatitude Patriarch Nicholas the 6th of Alexandria with the signed and sealed Patriarchal Letter/Document Protocol No. 465-11/1983 to Bishop Dionysios Makrogambrakis (Διονύσιος Μακρογαμβράκης). Through this Patriarchal Act & Letter, Bishop Dionysios ordination as a bishop was accepted & canonically recognised and Patriarch Nicholas of Alexandria gave him the title of New England (Neas Agglias) & was assigned to be the Patriarchs Representative and his Exarch of the Alexandrian Patriarchate in America & Canada- later transferred and based in Athens Greece, where it remains today as a former exarchate. On the 30th September 1983 the Holy Synod of the Church of Greece also accepted & verified this Patriarchal Act of His Beatitude Nicholas along with the the Greek Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Other official signed and sealed documents from various Metropolis's of the Church of Greece were also issued in past & recent years (as seen above) also verifying and accepting the Canonicity and more importantly the Apostolic Succession of Bishop Dionysios & his other Hierarchs as accepted and given by Patriarch Nicholas the 6th of Alexandria of blessed memory. Later in 1986 with the Patriarchal Letter with Protocol No. 665 dated 26th May 1986, Patriarch Nicholas of Alexandria grants his representative bishop Dionysios (& Bishop Demetrios Bifis of Kantanou) who were serving the New England Archdiocese as an 'former' Exarchate of the Alexandrian Patriarchate Autocephaly, giving them all rights & privileges associated with this Act. In 1988 Bishop Dionysios of Neas Agglias & Bishop Demetrios of Kantanou ordained the then Protosyngelos of the Metropolis of Fiotithos (who received canonical release from this Metropolis of Fiotithos-Church of Greece) Theofilos Simopoulos. These three having ordained other bishops, amongst them the current bishop & first Hierarch of the Synod His Eminence Christoforos (Lianakis) who was ordained by Bishop Dionysios Makrogamvakis & the other hierarchs of the Synod given him the title of Bishop of Boston 8/5/1994. It was Bishop Dionysios who also ordained Deacon and Priest/Archimandrite on 6/8/1973 in Detroit USA at the Church of St Spyridon, the now Bishop Christoforos of New England. After the death of Bishop Dionysios in 2005, Bishop Christoforos of Boston was elected by the Holy Synod in 2008 as the First Hierarch of the Archdiocese of New England (former Exarchate of the Alexandrian Patriarchate). His Apostolic Succession is undisputed, and it was the blessed hands of Bishop Christoforos who ordained Prespyter Fr Savas Pizanias on December 5th, 2010 (St Savvas the Sanctified) at the Historical Metochi Of St Demetrios (O Kavalaris) in Athens Greece of the Former Exarchate of the Patriarchate of Alexandria.

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